Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Earth Science A-D-E Creamy Cleanser Review: The Perfect Winter Cleanser!

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Earth Science A-D-E Creamy Cleanser

Finding a quality cleanser is the first step to developing an effective skin care routine, but it is no easy task. Whether you’re paying drugstore or department store prices, there are a lot of cleansers out there that are not good news for your skin.

I have had a particularly difficult time finding a cleanser that keeps pores clear but does not dehydrate my skin. I discovered that using an oil cleanser, followed by a regular cleanser worked, but having to use two cleansers was inconvenient, expensive, and a pain for traveling. Then, after years of searching, I found Earth Science A-D-E Creamy Cleanser, and have never looked back!

Before I dive into the review, I’d first like to discuss what I look for in a cleanser for my combination (partly dry, partly oily) skin.

Gentle: I discovered a long time ago that the harsher a cleanser, the oilier it made my skin (while at the same time making it flaky or dull). Harsh cleansers strip your skin of its natural moisture and cause irritation. As a result, skin tries desperately to replenish lost moisture and becomes oily. If your cleanser makes your face feel “squeaky clean” or tight, it’s not good for your skin, no matter what your skin type.

Little or no foam: Foaming agents can be harsh on skin and can cause irritation and dryness. A good cleanser does NOT need to foam much to clean your skin. Usually cleansers that produce a lot of foam strip your skin of moisture. Even oily skin can benefit from low-foam cleansers, which will result in more balanced, hydrated and healthy skin.

pH balanced for skin: It’s very important to use a facial cleanser that has the proper pH balance for skin. Skin is slightly acidic, with a pH ranging from 5 to 6. Soap, on the other hand, is alkaline and has a pH of 7 to 10. Studies have shown using alkaline products on your skin can compromise the skin’s natural acid mantle, causing dryness and accelerating aging. I like to find cleansers with a pH of 5 to 6, just like skin.

Earth Science A-D-E Creamy Cleanser meets all these criteria! My skin has looked better than it ever has in my life using this cleanser. I massage it into my skin (without wetting my face first), and I can feel it dissolving all makeup and loosening blocked pores. Then I gently wipe with a warm, wet washcloth and rinse with warm water. It rinses completely clean (no film) and keeps my skin clear yet hydrated. It is a pleasure to use, and I really feel like I am pampering my skin.

Looking at the ingredient list, it’s no wonder it is a treat for skin. It contains sunflower seed oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, glycerin, avocado oil, aloe vera, vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E. I know it sounds like it would leave a film on skin, but the effective surfactants keep it from doing so. (The oils are what dissolve oil and debris in pores, and the surfactants make it rise clean). It also has a pH of 5.5 (perfect for skin) and contains no synthetic fragrances.

One of the best things about this cleanser is its affordable price: only $7 to $8 (depending on where you buy it) for 8 ounces that last me a couple of months.

All in all, an A+ cleanser I suggest you check out if you have also struggled to find a gentle yet effective cleanser!

I have no affiliation with Earth Science and purchased this cleanser myself.


  1. Where do you buy that cleanser?

  2. I buy it at Bartells or Whole Fooods ($8 both places I think)...Fred Meyer and QFC may have it, not sure... You can also order it on drugstore.com, and I just saw it on vitacost.com for only $5.50!

  3. Hi! I just wanted to know if you still use this cleanser? A friend of mine uses it and swears by it but I was afraid to use it thinking it might break me out. I have combo dry skin but I still get hormonal breakouts.I would love to hear your feed back on this. Thank you very much

    Carolyn Q

    1. Hi Carolyn,
      Thank you for commenting :). Yes indeed, I still use this cleanser every day and have never broken out. I have large pores that easily get clogged, and it's never clogged my pores. The trick is to massage it in dry for a few minutes, then rinse it with warm water. If you initially put it on a wet face, it won't clean very well. My skin also gets dehydrated and dry very easily, but this doesn't dry me out. That said, different products work for different people, and I can't promise it won't break you out - your skin may react differently. But, it's worth a try, especially since the cleanser is pretty inexpensive. :) Hope this helps!!


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